APS Deco Baffle & Clouds

Acoustic Baffles & Acoustic clouds - APS Deco

APS Tranquil DECO CLOUDS & BAFFLES are compressed Acoustic fiberglass ceilings. These panels are decorative sound absorbing Acoustic ceiling baffles and clouds that come in a range of standard and custom designs and these acoustic fiberglass ceilings can be painted in a variety of eye-catching colors.

Deco Clouds and Baffles acoustic ceilings are easy to install and can be adjusted to a range of heights and angles. These are simple to set up as a result of their modular attachments, and numerous unique accessories help in the grouping of the acoustic material for ceilings to form Clouds and Baffles acoustic ceilings.



30 / 40 /50 mm (+/-5%)

Composition :

Compressed Fiberglass Core

Baffles Size :

L-600 to 2400mm, H-100 to 1200 mm

Clouds Size:

Maximum 2400 x 1200mm




Warrantied against workmanship and manufacturing defects for 2 years from date of purchase

Fire Rating:

Colors: Almost 60 different colors of perforated vinyl


Up to 1.05

Cloud Patterns

Baffle Patterns

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