O-Shaped-Pipe Baffle

O-Shaped-Pipe Baffle Ceiling

Tranquil LUSTRE O-Shaped Pipe Metal Baffle Ceiling is made with special aluminium products through extrusion molding giving good sturdiness to the product. The installation structure is to utilize the upper groove as the main bone, connecting the profile and circular bar with screw and specially built structural component.

It is suitable for outdoor settings also as it is wind proof due to its structure. It is easy to maintain as each circular bar is independent, can be assembled and dis-assembled freely without use of special tools. Due to its open system it gives an ease to fix the lights, air conditioning, fire- extinguishing equipment to the False metal ceiling.



Standard Size

I Pipe: Diameter 50mm, 60mm, 70mm
II Pipe: Diameter 50mm

REMARK: 1, Non-standard sizes can be customized

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