Combination Tile Ceiling System

Combination Metal Ceiling

Tranquil LUSTRE Combination Metal Ceiling is a combination of linear and square ceiling pieces to provide a strong 3D effect, which can fully reflect the ever- changing style of aluminum metal ceiling. These metal false ceilings are just one example to transform the space and create unique and visually appealing environments.

Customers can customize their own combinations according to their space’s requirement. The main color is white but other colors are available as per the color pallet. The combined metal ceiling can be installed in hotel lobbies, airports, subway stations, and many other applications.


Installation Diagram

Standard Sizes

Combination 1: 600 X 600mm, 600 X 100mm, 100 X 100mm

Combination 2: 600 X 600 mm, 600 X 150mm, 150 X 150mm

Combination 3: 300 X 300mm, 300 X 300 mm, 100 X 100mm

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