V-Shaped Linear

Tranquil Lustre V-Shaped Linear

V-shaped linear ceiling series are all manufactured with aluminum alloy, the keel, hanging pieces are steel plates with galvanized coating or baked paint finish, the corner is aluminum alloy. There are a variety of color options for the surface, matte, brushed, mirror paint etc.. With fireproof function, it can be used high temperature environment, and adding insulation cotton on the upper part of the ceiling can obtain



good noise-absorbing effect, and can meet any ventilation requirements.elegant, bright, generous, dignified; with delicate structure, convenient for assembly and dis-assembly; perfect fireproof and moisture-proof function; seamless splicing, easy to be cleaned, durable for usage; smooth and soft color matching, its unit easy to be assembled, convenient for maintenance of inner lining. It is applicable for senior office, clubs, banks, shopping malls and other places. A variety of colors and specifications are available.

Standard Size

V-shape linear with small strip, small strip width: 20mm

REMARK: 1, Non-standard sizes can be customized

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