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The bold look and low-cost of Metal Ceilings and Walls move over drywall, metal is making a statement. Not just on the roof, now more and more people are turning to aluminium metal panels to finish off the inside as well as the outside of their home.

SAP Bangalore - Tranquil India

Tranquil Ecocore is made of 100% PET fiber, bonded using heat instead of traditional chemical binders. PET is naturally resistant to fire, moisture, vermin, insects, mold and bacteria, eliminating the need for any chemical additives. Tranquil Ecocore Panels are also used as a pinboard that comes in a high-quality finish. It was a great collaboration with DWP Interics in incorporating Tranquil Ecocore Wall Panels for the project of SAP- Bangalore.

Acoustical Tranquil Ecocore -Tranquil India

Acoustical Tranquil Ecocore easily transforms any vertical surface into a vibrant, noise-reducing wall. Also, it can be used in ceilings in the form of baffles or suspended ceilings. Considering the current situation, social distancing and staying at home are of utmost importance

Acoustical Tranquil Ecowood -Tranquil India

The concealed joining system on Ecowood Panels allows a continuous, uninterrupted look to wall and ceilings. The installation system of Ecowood acoustic paneling is user friendly and can be fixed to walls and ceilings effortlessly. In the present scenario, it is advisable to take precautions and follow proper hygiene to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19.

Tranquil APS | Compressed Fiberglass Acoustical System

Tranquil APS is a solution for most of the acoustic requirements for walls and ceilings. It is a green system as it contains 59% post-consumer recycled glass. Tranquil APS is a world-class product in its NRC functionality as its NRC ranges between 0.80 and 1.05 with its multiple thicknesses for multiple applications. The product is manufactured in an ultra-modern plant in

Tranquil Workifi | Acoustical Furniture

Have you imagined, working in the safe, social distancing atmosphere in the office as well as at home. Tranquil Workifi that creates a small office within your home and open office spaces, which is quiet and secluded.

Solid Surface | Tranquil

Solid surface is a very popular material in residential and commercial constructions in India. Solid Surface is a non-porous material, it will not absorb bacteria and support its growth. Solid surfaces can be transformed using heat into creative designs by a procedure called thermoforming.

Tranquil Workifi | Simplify Workspace

In public health, social distancing also called physical distancing is a set of non- pharmaceutical interventions or measures intended to prevent the spread of contagious disease. When it comes to the open office environment, social distancing can be challenging, and to solve this problem hanging panels can be used which creates a small cabin for each individual, taking care of the social distancing norm.

Tranquil Workifi | Enhance Productivity in the Workspace

Tranquil Workifi | Enhance Productivity in the Workspace Most of the productivity issues in the workplace are caused by poor working conditions like a noisy office or bad lighting, the masterpoint here is a dedicated space of working, which shouldn’t change every day. If you have a challenge, that you don’t have a dedicated space, then today, Do it Yourself(DIY) modular options are available which can be brought in pieces and you can fix it yourself, so that you can have a cabin(dedicated space), also these cabins are soundproof cabins, which can be very helpful in increasing the efficiency of yourself and the team.

Tranquil Workifi | Composite Panels | Enhance Work Efficiency in the Office & Home

When we talk about the sound problem, there are two types- 1. The sound coming from outside within the room(Sound Transference)- We can use blocking material like Mass Loaded Vinyl to stop the sound coming from outside within the room. 2. Echo(Reflection of sound within the room)- We can use sound-absorbing material, which does not allow the sound to reflect from the walls or ceilings and it will absorb the sound. The composite material can be used to block the sound coming from outside and as well as to absorb the sound within the room, normally it comes in tile form, along with that noise-proof sealants can be used, so that noise can be reduced to a very big extent.

Tranquil India | 5 Tips for interior designers to select the right vendor for material supply.

As an interior designer, are you facing the challenge in selecting the right vendor? If yes, then, below tips can be of utmost importance- 1. Good range of designs & colours 2. Specification & Certification 3. Quality based on feel & look of the material 4. Availability of material 5. Project Credentials

Solutions to reduce sound transfer between the rooms in new space and existing space

Tranquil India | As designers or contractors, if you receive complaints from customers of noise being heard in another room because of talks happening in some other room, there can be two instances and their solutions- If you are designing a particular space, then MLV(Mass Loaded Vinyl) can be used before construction to resolve this issue. If you already designed a space, then acoustic tiles can be used which comes with sound barrier and absorption.

Tranquil India | How to calculate NRC?

What is NRC? It stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient, it means the percentage of sound that could be reduced by using the product in a particular room. It is calculated by seeing the absorption coefficient(Absorption capacity) at 4 different frequencies 250, 500, 1000 and 2000, and the average which comes out of this 4 absorption coefficient is the Noise Reduction Coefficient.

Tranquil India | Lustre

Tranquil metal ceilings come with a variety of ceiling systems such as tile ceiling systems, linear ceiling systems, open cell ceiling systems, screen ceiling systems, baffle ceiling systems, aluminium cladding to fulfil your requirements. Tranquil open ceiling systems is an open decorative suspended ceiling combined crisscrossing assembled grille main bones and auxiliary bone.

Tranquil | How to check Echo in your space

In acoustics, Echo is a reflection of sound that arrives at the listener with a delay after the direct sound. The delay is directly proportional to the distance of the reflecting surface from the source and the listener. Typical examples are the echo produced by the bottom of a well, by a building, or by the walls of an enclosed room and an empty room. A true echo is a single reflection of the sound source.

Tranquil | How to make your ceiling look Beautiful

Lay-in tile ceiling is elegant, vivid, generous, delicate structure, various types, with perfect fire prevention, moisture-proof function, easy to be cleaned, convenient in assembly and disassembly, more convenient for line maintenance. A decorative curtain-type ceiling, able to adjust the visual height of a house, and can hide all the pipelines and other facilities in the bottom of the building, and can also lead sunlight or lamplight.

Tranquil | 4 ways to reduce echo in meeting/conference rooms

We can reduce Echo in meeting or conference rooms by using the below 1. Fix sound-absorbing panels on walls 2. Use sound-absorbing material on the ceiling 3. Use carpet on floors 4. Use furniture with soft cushions

Tranquil | Solid Surface and Acoustical Panels

Tranquil Dunes is a 100% Acrylic Solid Surface manufactured in the world-class facility. Tranquil Alticor is a fine product & budget-friendly to shape your dreams when it comes to straight applications. Tranquil APS Acoustical System is a world-class product for acoustic. Tranquil APS is a compressed fibreglass acoustical system. Tranquil Ecocore is made of 100% PET fiber, bonded using heat instead of traditional chemical binders. Ecowood is high-quality acoustic panelling systems for walls and ceilings. Tranquil Block is flexible mass loaded Vinyl used for reducing sound transmission through walls and providing noise isolation from unwanted sources.

Tranquil | Do you face the challenge of providing Aesthetic Ceiling along with Acoustic Function?

Do you face the challenge of providing Aesthetic Ceiling along with Acoustic Function? If yes, you can use Aluminum metal ceiling- 1. The aluminum metal ceiling gives you the required finish and design. 2. Functionality - Project sustainability 3. Acoustic performance 4. Finally, It can integrate with any M & E-Services

Tranquil | How to enhance the productivity of team members in an open space office?

Tranquil | How to enhance the productivity of team members in an open space office? *Hang Acoustic panels on the office workstations due to this the sound will not travel from one place to another. *Install Acoustic cubes, can be placed anywhere on the floor which will not allow the sound to travel.

Tranquil | Concept of Soundproofing

Soundproofing can be explained and understood with the help of terms, 1. Sound Isolation 2. Sound Absorption Sound Absorption- Any given space that has echo, all you need is an absorptive material to absorb sound which further reduces the echo. Sound Isolation- Isolating your room from the unwanted noise or sound from the other space by blocking the sound with the help of blocking materials.

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