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ABOUT Tranquil

Tranquil India was founded in India in 2013 with the vision of providing world-class materials for world-class lifestyles. The world-class materials we provide are versatile, next-generation products that cater to a diverse of needs and the ambience of a space. Tranquil brings you a host of products that are second to none. Because the products are functional in design and stunning in form, bringing Tranquil into your space you bring in a new lifestyle.

Tranquil is a private, vertically and horizontally integrated organisation that manufactures, markets, and distributes building materials throughout the world. Tranquil, with the vision of bringing world-class materials for world-class lifestyles to the globe, is integrated through its network of partners, who market, sell, and service the products alongside Tranquil.


To provide world-class materials for world-class lifestyles globally and make the world a better place. To maximize the market potential of materials by creating a network of partners globally and bringing the accessibility of materials to the world. To be the most dynamic, inspirational, fastest-growing, eco-friendly, ethical and most importantly, human-friendly international organization with well-organized systems.


To responsibly provide customers with best quality world-class products and earn their trust. To enhance our organization’s brand image with astute leadership, exemplary service quality and use of modern marketing strategies and systems and be the leading organization in the world. The Philosophy of “ONE” Tranquil believes its true assets and treasures are its customers, employees and partners who support the organization with optimum efficiency, loyalty and dedication. Tranquil likes to encourage its team and partners to follow “OUR CULTURE” so that Tranquil can develop its organization as one.

Our Culture

To make the world a better and happier place with our hard work, dedication and unquestioned action towards the vision. WIN-WIN-WIN: The objective of this exercise is to set a strong foundation for WIN WIN WIN Culture, a culture of joint responsibility between the stakeholders and its team members for the mutual growth by creating value to its customers.


Our Philosophy

We believe our true assets and treasures are our employees, our customers & our partners who support the organization with their optimum efficiency, loyalty and dedication. We'd like to encourage our team & partners to follow "OUR CULTURE" so that we can develop our organization as one.

Our Philosophy

Who Behind Us


Tranquil has engaged highly motivated employees who serve as the core of the company's commitment, which is propelled by a culture of knowledge, competence, and openness.

Tranquil works together to provide value to its clients.

Mr. Dev Maloo

Founder & CEO


Mr. Vijay Maloo



Celebrating a Decade of Excellence

TRANQUIL in the Building Material Industry

Welcome to TRANQUIL, your trusted partner in the building material industry for a remarkable ten years! Since our inception, we have been at the forefront of delivering world-class building materials, unmatched expertise, and exceptional customer service. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we reflect on our journey and look forward to a future filled with innovation, growth, and continued excellence.

A Decade of Excellence and Value: Our Story

Founded a decade ago, TRANQUIL embarked on a journey with a vision to redefine the building material industry. Over the years, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of modernization, introducing cutting-edge materials and solutions that have transformed construction projects into architectural marvels. Our commitment to quality has been the cornerstone of our success, earning us the trust of countless customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Our Products: Setting Industry Values

At TRANQUIL, we take immense pride in offering a diverse range of world-class Solid Surface, Acoustics and Metal Ceilings & Walls. From foundation to finishing touches, our products have become synonymous with durability, reliability, and aesthetic appeal. Whether it's eco-friendly construction materials, energy-efficient solutions, or the latest advancements in smart building components, we are dedicated to providing options that cater to modern construction needs.

Expertise that Shapes Projects

With a team of seasoned experts and industry veterans, TRANQUIL has consistently gone beyond just providing materials. We offer valuable insights, guidance, and personalized solutions that align with the unique requirements of each project. Our commitment to education and knowledge sharing has empowered builders, architects, and contractors to make informed decisions and create structures that stand the test of time.

Sustainable Practices: Building a Better Future

As responsible industry players, we recognize the importance of sustainable practices. Over the years, we have actively embraced environmentally-friendly business processes, reduced our carbon footprint, and promoted the use of sustainable materials. Our dedication to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also ensures that our products contribute to energy-efficient, green building projects.

Looking Ahead: The Next Decade of Excellence

As we celebrate our first ten years, we are excited to envision the road ahead. The next decade promises even greater achievements as we continue to innovate, collaborate, and lead the building material industry. Our commitment to our core values of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains firm, and we look forward to creating enduring partnerships and shaping remarkable structures together.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued clients, partners, and employees who have been an integral part of our journey.

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