Baffle Ceiling Systems

Baffle Ceiling Systems

What is Metal Baffle ceiling system?

Metal Baffle Ceilings provide an abstract pattern with an open sequential ceiling. Baffle ceilings are beneficial for adding ambiance to a space. These baffle-ceiling structures provide a view of the profusion area and the concrete ceiling above. When a distinct design or aesthetic upgrade to the area is desired, these ceilings are suitable for remedial installation beneath concrete ceilings.

Metal Ceiling Baffles provide an elegant look and stunning design at a minimal cost, in addition to a long-lasting and sustainable ceiling with a mesh of cutting-edge technology that will never go out of style. In other words, when metal baffle ceilings are made from aluminum or galvanized steel sheets, they have a distinct and personalized aesthetic. It has excellent tensile strength and is resistant to temperature extremes and warm air. These metal baffles can accommodate the best designs and functional requirements.

Metal Ceilings with Acoustics

Acoustic material combined with metal baffles is the best you can get for your office or other commercial spaces, whether it's noise control through exterior cladding or sound absorption and scattering within the space. Acoustic Baffles ceilings create an ambient sound that adds to the space's character and is ideal for sound absorption. The frequencies, particularly the shallow frequency, will be set by the use of perforated metal acoustic ceiling baffles. There are a variety of metal ceiling types and patterns with acoustic properties to choose from to match your design requirements.

How it works?

A decorative baffles ceiling that can be adapted to change the visual height of the space and conceal all transmission lines and other infrastructure at the building's ceiling, as well as lead sunlight or lamplight. It allows for an open view and excellent ventilation, the connection lines are vibrant and tidy, with concise levels, mirroring the concise contemporary look, simple and convenient configuration assembly and disassembly, making it the most popular product in the design industry.

How are metal baffles installed?

Install acoustical metal baffle ceilings in accordance with the manufacturer's shop drawings and written instructions; for reference, see the image below.

Installing a Tranquil Metal Ceiling

Understanding the requirements

This process involves substantial planning and discussion with the customer. At Tranquil, we value uniqueness and creativity, thus this is the most important step in which we seek to absorb the demands and instructions offered by the clients.

Product specification

This is the most vital step since we specify the product to the client or supply the material depending on their design, size, and colours. Based on the demands of the consumer, the applications of the materials are brought to life and made available.


The quantification procedure informs the client about the quantity of materials required for the designated space. Concepts like as flexibility, feasibility, and adaptation will be explained to the customer. Size, form, colour, and acoustics, among other things, will be clarified and enhanced. Furthermore, all of these properties may be customised to the demands of the client.

Shop Drawings

This is the most visually appealing stage since the client will be able to grasp the full concept through a 2D depiction. This process clarifies, corrects, and aligns the project with the needs of the clients. These 2D drawings are presented for the manufacturing team, architects, contractors, and installation team to use as a reference.


In this phase, the products are made based on the specifications provided by the client. Following manufacture, the products are subjected to a series of quality inspections before being ready for shipping and installation.


We not only manufacture products to your specifications, but we also install them through Tranquil Service Partners. Tranquil is the market's all-arounder since we function as a manufacturer, supplier, and qualification in the installation process.

Why should you go with Tranquil Metal Ceilings?

Locations where metal ceilings are desired


Provides aesthetic as well as professional benefits with the appearance and soundproof qualities


Creates a quiet, clean, and light atmosphere that exactly suits the demands

Shopping malls

Include a stylish and attractive look with the lighting that comes with the ceiling


Provides a durable and efficient ceiling to witness all the goodbyes and hellos

Studios and Theatres

Provides a perfect lighting and sound ambiance for the entertainment industry

Other Spaces

The above appearances may be installed in any room of your home, depending on your needs. Style, colour, and forms may be adjusted according to the parameters specified and constructed at your leisure and imagination.

Everything you need to know about Tranquil Metal Ceilings

Tranquil ceiling tiles are all white by default. These ceilings, however, may be tailored to meet specific needs.
Yes! The painted grid is available in both lay-in tile and clip-in tile
Our metal ceilings are made of aluminium or galvanised iron and come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 2mm.
No! It will not sag if the right thickness is utilised in accordance with the specifications.
All of our Tranquil ceilings are fire-resistant and have flame-spread ratings of Class A. All goods are tested to ensure that they fulfil residential building requirements.
Yes! Most rooms may be outfitted with Tranquil's whole ceiling line. These panels can also be utilised as building walls or facades in residential applications.
Yes! This functionality is only accessible for clip-in and lay-in tiles with the current grid.
Tranquil metal ceilings are long-lasting since they are paint proof, scratch proof, watertight, and easy to maintain.

Features & Benefits

Composition- AL & GI

  • Metal panels are stronger and less prone to cracks and breaks
  • Fire barrier (Plain tiles) / Fire resistant
  • Cameras, Lighting, speakers, air conditioning, ventilation, smoke detectors and sprinklers can all be incorporated
  • Longevity
  • Demount ability
  • Metal ceilings offer a crisp, clean and high-tech image.

Customization - Shape & sizes

  • Acoustic tiles
  • Wide range of ceiling tile appearance and configuration
  • Different shapes to provide a different aesthetic
  • Exact finishes to match original designs & powder coat the tiles in order
  • There is a wide range of perforation installed with fleece or mineral wool inlays absorb sound and provide clarity to speech
  • Linear or modular layouts provide dimensional flexibility, and curved or sculpted forms can be achieved.
  • Generate almost any color imaginable (Solid / Wood visuals) by Ral shade palette

Economical solution

  • Durability
  • Maintenance and cleaning very simple
  • Moisture resistant which mitigates staining and crumbling from leaks
  • Hygiene
  • Non-woven acoustic fleece provides a cost-effective solution for general sound absorption requirements
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