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Wood Wool Acoustic Panels - Tranquil WOODLINE

Tranquil WOODLINE Wood wool Acoustic panels are the high-performing eco-friendly panels manufactured with composed wood fiber which is sound reduction material and exceptionally heat resistant. This acoustic material is known for its excellent sound-absorbing properties, making it a popular choice for interior spaces that require acoustic material treatment used with walls and ceiling applications.

The eco-friendly wood-fiber panels not only add aesthetic flair to a space, but they also minimize echo and reverberation, working as sound absorber for room. Additionally, these panels are appreciated for their natural and rustic appearance, which can contribute to an attractive design into the space.

Model Description

  • The Wood wool acoustic board has many outstanding features, like environment friendly, fire retardant, sound absorbing.
  • It is easy to cut and can be colored in various colors.
  • Silky texture on the surface, giving a raw and rough feeling, after installing can make the acoustic environment more close to nature.
Wood Wool Acoustic panel

  • Thickness (mm) : 12/15/25/35/50
  • Weight (KG/㎥) : 300-330
  • Fire Retardant : B1(B-s 1, d0)
  • Dimensions : W (mm)- 600/1200/1220,
    L(mm)- 600/1200/2400/2440 or Customized
  • Environment Performance : E1, can be directly applied in indoor decoration

Basic Materials

  • Base Material : Birch Wood and Popular wood
  • Density : 300-330Kg/㎥ or Customized
  • Finish : Customised color

Acoustic Performance

Test Condition

  • 15 mm wood wool acoustic panel
  • Filled with 50 mm 24kg/ acoustic panel
  • 50mm Space

Color Chart

Installation of wood wool acoustic panel

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