Acoustic Panels

Fiberglass Sound Absorbing Panels

The Tranquil APS Acoustical System is a high-quality acoustic solution that contains a variety of products such as wall panels, baffles, clouds, deco clouds, acoustic separators, ceilings, and more. Tranquil APS therefore satisfies the vast majority of acoustic wall and ceiling standards. It is a green system since it is composed of 59 percent post-consumer recycled glass. Tranquil APS is a world-class NRC product with an NRC range of 0.80 to 1.05 and a choice of thicknesses appropriate for a wide range of applications.

Compressed Fibreglass Acoustic wall panels

Tranquil APS Multi

Tranquil APS Multi is an acoustical panel with a firm compressed fibreglass core. They function as noise-cancellation panels, absorbing and reducing noise levels in the surrounding area. All of the edges have been chemically toughened. The panels have been wrapped in various types of coverings. A surface breathable coating can also be applied.

Fibreglass Acoustic Panels

Tranquil APS TAC

The Tranquil APS TAC features a densely packed fibreglass core. These panels' high impact, high density fibreglass front is designed to safely accommodate tack pins for presentation and visual display. They are suitable for vertical wall installation and serve as noise reduction panels, absorbing and reducing noise levels in the surrounding area. They are protected by various materials.

Fibreglass Acoustic Baffles & Acoustic Clouds

Tranquil APS Deco Clouds & Baffles

Flat compressed fibreglass panels comprise the Tranquil APS DECO CLOUDS & BAFFLES. These panels are stunning sound absorption clouds that are available in a variety of standard and bespoke configurations. These panels are painted and can be done in a variety of colours. Deco Clouds & Baffles are simple to install and adjust to a variety of heights and angles due to their modular connectors. Furthermore, several one-of-a-kind accessories aid in the collection of panels for cloud creation.

Fibreglass Acoustic Ceiling

Tranquil APS Ceiling

The Tranquil APS Ceiling is a compressed fibreglass ceiling that comes in a variety of sizes, patterns, edges, and colours. It offers several advantages, including non-combustibility, no drooping, warping, or delamination, high sound absorption, and a variety of designs.

Cellulose Fiber Acoustic panel - ACSILO

Acsilo Acoustic Spray products are environmentally freindly acoustic insulation materials that can be used in new and renovated buildings. It can be used in a wide range of building groups, from industrial buildings to residential buildings, because of its ease of application and compatibility with architectural detailed solutions.

Acsilo Plus+ is a high-performance acoustic system that absorbs noise in a variety of settings. Its highly absorbent properties as an acoustic plaster solution applied to ceilings and walls enable ideal acoustic control in large commercial spaces.

Cellulose Fiber Acoustic Spray

Cellulose Fiber Acoustic Spray

Cellulose Fiber Acoustic Spray is an environmentally friendly and substainable material made from recycled fibers and boron salts using advanced technology. It has excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

Seamless Acoustic System - ACSILO Plus+

Seamless Acoustic System - ACSILO Plus+

Acsilo Plus+ Acoustics can be applied to almost any surface, including straight and curved walls, striking angles, and arching roofs, making it a more versatile, distinct alternative to traditional acoustic solutions such as suspended celings.

Tranquil ECOCORE - PET Fibre Acoustic Panel

Tranquil ECOCORE is entirely made of PET fibre that has been thermally bonded rather than usual chemical binders. PET is inherently resistant to fire, moisture, vermin, bug, mildew, and germs, thus no chemical additions are required. Tranquil ECOCORE Panels are also suitable for use as a high-quality finish pin board. These boards offer a visually appealing acoustic solution for commercial settings and interior design applications. Any vertical surface is instantly transformed into a dazzling, noise-free wall or display pin board.

PET Acoustic Panels

ECOCORE Panels and Felt

Tranquil ECOCORE Felt is made out of huge PET sheets. The panels may be used on walls and ceilings in a number of contexts. The product comes in a range of thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 6mm. These come in a variety of colours and widths of 1.00 metre and 1.22 metre.

PET Sound Absorbing Baffles & Clouds

ECOCORE Baffles & Clouds

Tranquil ECOCORE Clouds & Baffles are used to install traditional wall panels in big open rooms with minimum wall surfaces. It is available in five distinct designs and may be tailored to your specifications.

PET Sound shape panels

ECOCORE Sound Shape Panels

The Tranquil ECOCORE Sound Shape Panels are sublime acoustic panels that can be used as designer panels with exceptional acoustic qualities. These panels are made of 100% PET veneer and are naturally resistant to fire, moisture, vermin, insects, mould and bacteria, emliminating the nedd for any checmical additivies, These panels come in standard designs and sizes and can be customized according to the requirments.

Tranquil ECOWOOD - Wooden Acoustic Panels

The best solution for world-class sound absorption and reverberation reduction is Tranquil ECOWOOD-Wooden Acoustic Panels. These are perforated and grooved wood wall and ceiling panels. These are available in a basic range of veneers and laminate surfaces. Their design is durable, with invisible interlocking and concealed attachment methods to ensure a precise fit.

Wooden Acoustic panels

Linear Grooved Acoustical Panels

Grooved Acoustic Panel is a slit resonance absorption material made of high density panel with surface grooves and perforated holes on the back side. It offers a diverse range of sound spectrum options, with an emphasis on the middle and low frequencies. When the back side chamber is filled with ECOWOOL (sound absorption cotton), it absorbs more sound at medium and high frequencies.

Acoustic wood wall panels

Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panel

The exceptional effect of a wooden acoustic panel in reducing echo and reverberation enhances the visual affects of a wood decorated surface. A perforation panel is a deep drawn wooden panel. It is available in two styles: one that is perforated all the way through, and another that has larger holes on one side and smaller holes on the other, meaning that the holes on both sides are not equal.

Microperforated Wooden Acoustic Panel

Microperforated Wooden Acoustic Panel

The Tranquil ECOWOOD Micro Perforated Panel is a cutting-edge design that combines excellent acoustics with a product of the next age. These panels are suitable for use on both walls and ceilings. Perforations are available in two sizes: 0.5mm and 1mm. The surface is nearly imperceptible, and the panel seems to be a single piece of wood with no holes. As an acoustic and visually pleasing surface, this makes it an excellent choice for crowded locations and private house interiors.

Slatted Wooden Acoustic panels

Slatted Wooden Acoustic panels

Tranquil Slatted Wooden Acoustic panels are high-performance, eco-friendly acoustic panels made from sustainably harvested, environmental friendly materials. Each panel is handcrafted, which not only adds to the visual sense of decoration but also creates a quieter and more comfortable environment. These are slender pieces of wood with spaces between them that bring the beauty of nature to your space, elevating it.

Woodline Acoustic Panel

Wood Wool Acoustic panel

Tranquil Woodline

Tranquil WOODLINE Acoustic Panels are a high-performance, eco-friendly acoustic panels.These panels which are made of composed wood fibre, are exceptionally heat resitant and provide excellent noise reduction.

3D Acoustics Panels

3D Acoustic Panels

Tranquil 3D

Tranquil 3D Acoustic Designer Panels and these are some of the greatest design-led acoustic panels for making a space come to life while still providing appropriate acoustic performance. These panels are both simple to install and rather attractive. These panels are available in standard sizes and patterns. The styles provided can also be customised to match your individual needs. The panels are extremely adaptable and may be paired with a variety of acoustic materials to fit the demands of practically any area or environment. These are some of the best panels for scenarios requiring absorptive panels with a pleasant appearance.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

MLV Sound Barrier

Tranquil BLOCK

Tranquil BLOCK is a sound barrier made of flexible loaded vinyl that isolates sound to provide a peaceful environment. Mass loaded vinyl is a high-density membrane used on floors, walls, and ceilings to absorb low frequency sound waves, also known as bass and sound vibrations.

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