PET Acoustic Panel

PET Acoustic Panels -Tranquil ECOCORE

Tranquil ECOCORE Acoustic Panels are composed of recycled PET and these are resistant to fire, moisture, insects, mildew, and bacteria. These polyester fiber acoustic board panels are designed to address acoustic treatment in various applications, ranging from commercial spaces to residential homes and educational institutions.

Tranquil ECOCORE Polyester fiber Acoustic Panels can also be used as a high-quality finish pin board which provide an eye-catching sound solution for interior designing applications. It immediately transforms any vertical surface into a brilliant, noise-free wall.

ECOCORE Acoustic PET panels has a wide range of different products including Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, Baffle and Clouds Acoustic ceilings, Felt panels, Perforated, Grooved and Carved Acoustic Panels, etc.

Features and Benefits

Wide range of colour :

Customers are able to design their own themes , Aesthetically appealing

Customization :

Perforation, printing, and grooving , It is possible to design your own printing theme , Any shape and thickness , On-site redesign is possible , Clouds and baffles can be customised (Island ceiling).

Variety of Applications :

Acoustical separators include walls and ceilings, as well as screens.

Light weight :

It is simple to apply.

Hygiene :

Can be vacuum cleaned

Green & recycle Products :

Recyclable and eco-friendly , Lead certification


Enhanced sound insulation.

NRC up to 0.7:

Higher NRC may be obtained with a decreased airgap thickness of the material.

Fire rated :

In case of fire, it doesn’t spread & will take long time to spread

Formaldehyde Free :

There are no health hazards.

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