Modified Acrylic Solid Surface

Modified Acrylic Solid Surfaces- ALTICORE

The design of the edges, inlays and the combination of colors exhibit elegance and vitality of ALTICOR Solid Surfaces. ALTICOR solid surface sheet is environment friendly material as it is not harmful for humans and nature which effectively prevents pollution. These Solid Surfaces answer the need to shape your dream in a budget friendly scenario when it comes to straight applications.

ALTICOR Solid Surfaces are manufactured with the composition of PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate), MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) and High-Performance Polyester Resins, ATH (Alumina Trihydrate), Poly Chips, Pigments, Binders, Additives, etc. using advanced technology plant which give ALTICOR a superior finish, maintain standards and quality.

Features and Benefits

Semi Flexible :

Application with a low curvature

Seamless finish :

It appears to be a single sheet with varied colours.

Non-porus :

Stain-free, antibacterial, and simple to clean

Repairable :

There is no need to change the entire sheet because the product is long lasting , Cracks and tendencies can be fixed with little effort and at a minimal cost and Lower expenses and a longer product life cycle

Homogeneous :

The impression of a new product is obtained through repolishing and rebuffing , Reusable and Scratch resistance

Availability in many colors :

Users can develop their own themes and It can be used in combination with the interior design of other goods.

Economic :

Application at a low cost.

Multiple Thickness :

When combined with other products, it is cost-effective.

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